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Wednesday, September 22

Cotton Picking

I sold my brother into slavery.

Heaven forgive me. Monday he started work here at the office. It's a good deal, I suppose... The pay is decent and we'll work around his school schedule. But if I've done him a favor, why do I feel bad?

Maybe it's because I bleed my existence into this black hole every day. For me it's a cotton field. At least for my brother it's a vehicle to propel him on the road to achieving his dream. I can hardly wait to see him become a feature animator.

Just prior to making him an offer, my boss (our CEO) called me in to grill me, but her concern wasn't as much about fraternization as it was "Don't be too hard on the kid." She's a big sister, too.

I had a blast helping him put together a wardrobe... in one day. Mad skillz. And you know, even though I don't see him while he's working, just knowing he's in the building is kinda nice. Love that kid.

Tuesday, September 21


And you find yourself thinking... "Where on earth am I ever going to find the perfect bling-encrusted pimp-juice goblet?" and "If I'm ever gonna learn to read backwards, I really need a belt with my name on it." Well search no more! I've discovered Player Appreciate - The shopping resource for the elevated player.

And while you're at it Pimpify Your Name cuz you need something fresh when you're out collecting cash from biznitches on the street.

Some of my personal favorites: Master Fly Kiki Shizzle, Dopetastic Kiki Rockefeller, White Chocolate Kiki Smooth, Tricktickler K. Glide, Mack Master Kiki Beautiful, Trick Magnet K. Flash, Ghetto Fabulous Kiki, and best of all - Fine Ass Kiki Flex.

Now that I've found the source for all that hard-to-find essential pimp gear, maybe I feel a whole new career coming on.