Thursday, September 30

Jason's Motto

I've been travelling Blogland lately, and about one in a hundred Next Blog hits lands on something worthwhile... So today we give props to "JASON ROHRBLOGGER"

I fear I may have been the only person ever to comment on his blog. He writes top ten lists, and I think they're rather funny. You get the sense he's writing mostly for his own amusement, and somehow that makes them even better.

Here are some choice samples...

7. The Show Me (Your Penis) State
5. A wholly owned subsidiary of Disney Co.
3. United we stand. Divided we fall into the ocean.
1. Mexico's largest employer!

10. The National Diaphragm
7. Tommyhawk Knocker
4. Broke Shields
1. The Democracy Strikes Back

10. Cyanide delivered in Hitler-shaped Pez dispensers
9. Advanced training missions to the Playboy mansion
6. Berets replaced with a saucy green scarf for Fall
1. All radio transmissions encrypted in Ebonics

Wednesday, September 29


Tuesday, September 28

Favorite Things

Some of the best things life has to offer...

1. Sunny days with blue skies and puffy white clouds
2. Laying on the grass at night looking up at the stars
3. Someone with a box of kittens at the grocery store
4. Finally discovering the perfect signature fragrance
5. Things kids do when they think you're not looking

What else? Did I miss anything?

Monday, September 27

Consume Me

Video provided by dcTalk and BMI Records

lovely traces, i can sense you in everything
i'm overtaken by the way that you deliver me
i'm transcended, there's no place i'd rather be
than here in heaven, without you i'm incomplete
it's hopeless...

you consume me, you consume me
like a burning flame running through my veins
you consume me... moving through me
anytime, anyplace, you invade my space
you consume me... you consume me

wholly devoted, i immerse myself in you
baptize me in your love,
cause drowning in the thought of you floods my soul
i'm taken by the things you do
god, you know it doesn't matter what i lose
...i'm yours

you consume me, you consume me
burning flame, through my veins
you consume me, moving through me
anytime, anyplace, you invade my space
you consume me, you know that i surrender

i am consumed, consumed with you
in your hands, under your command
like a puppet on a string
i'm willing to put my faith in you
so before the world I sing

there's no other way i can fly
it's you and i... you and i

Sunday, September 26

Speak & Spell

Yes friends, it is indeed stupid quiz time again. And this time we're going to the answer the burning question...


You're a Speak & Spell! You nerd.
Just because you were disguised as a toy
doesn't mean you weren't educational.
...You sneaky bastard.

Yeah, they pegged me. It's actually more frightening when you consider that it was also my hands-down favorite childhood toy. That thing had me begging for C batteries like a crackhead does for rock.

I'm certain it's the reason I progressed to the district spelling bee finals in fifth grade. If only it weren't for that cocky little asian with his communist intimidation tactics - I could have won!

Chariot... C-H-A-R-I-O-T... chariot.