Friday, October 22

Never Land

As further proof that Generation-X is doing its best to elude moving beyond age thirteen, a chain of Chuck E. Cheese establishments - masquerading as adult recreation - have been popping up all over.

Dave & Buster's... Have you heard of it yet?
"Food & Drinks. Fun & Games" is their motto.

You can grab a beer or a cosmo, and play some skee-ball - or how about some pool, or a Harley Davidson simulation, or the latest version of Dance Dance Revolution. This world is something else.

Thursday, October 21

Strategic Planning

Please forgive me, I have been remiss in updating this week. And what a week it's been! Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday and this craziness will be over. To fill the missing back-log, I've posted some fun things for your enjoyment.

Today was the culmination of weeks of preparation - Our annual Strategic Planning meeting. The board of directors and our leadership team, which includes little old me, had a meeting to assess the business climate and ascertain our long term business goals.

Like every other year, it's all fun and games until the table filled with 20 people or so all turn to me with looks that say, "Now get on it!"

I find it hilarious that we've got 40 employees and yet I'm the only one charged with making a real difference in this organization. It's as if they ride all their hopes on marketing. Although, one of the good things that came out of this meeting was the admission that we need a business development department.

Hopefully I'll be able to justify a new title - VP of Marketing & Business Development. Although, I'm not holding my breath... It's already been 2.5 years without a single performance evaluation.

Guess I'll keep on truckin' and see how all this plays out.

Wednesday, October 20

Ten Speed

Tuesday, October 19

Brain Lint

If you're into this sort of thing (like I am) you may get a kick out of these hand-drawn comic moments called "BRAIN LINT" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Monday, October 18

All My Life

Video provided by Foo Fighters and RCA Records
all my life i've been searching for something
something never comes, never leads to nothing
nothing satisfies but I'm getting close
closer to the prize at the end of the rope
all night long i dream of the day
when it comes around then it's taken away
leaves me with the feeling i feel the most
feeling comes to life when i see your ghost