Thursday, October 28

Hallow Evening

Thank you for the comments on my previous post. Your words always matter to me, and the insightfulness of virtual strangers never ceases to amaze and amuse.

What a funky Halloween it's shaping up to be. I remember as a kid looking forward to sugary booty being doled out freely. What fun it was picking out a costume and a pillow case strong enough to haul the mountains of candy I had planned to score. Remember how fast the rumors about houses giving out full-size candy got around?

Now I'm a boring grown-up and a low-carb freak, so the holiday is looking pretty dull. The opposite of last year: Freezing in the pouring rain in West Hollywood... that was scary. The weather wasn't the only thing that made it miserable. Had to cart home a drunk friend as he hurled insults at gay people. Glad we made it out alive.

Yeah, this year I will enjoy a nice, peaceful evening at home... Handing out full-size candy bars.

Wednesday, October 27

Adopt Me

We're just barely getting close to the holiday season and already the family bullshit has started. My favorite part is that somehow I always get pegged as the bad guy. I'm assumed to be some sort of ringleader causing friction... If it didn't hurt so bad, it would be hilarious.

I will spare you the gory details, but damn... I had no idea that I was the root of all evil. If only I had I known it sooner, I'm sure I could be ruling the world by now. Is it too late to harness these evil powers to achieve something great?

My head plops down into my hands as I shake my head in grief.

Tuesday, October 26

Ninety Nine

Sunday, October 24


Oh man... I spent the ENTIRE day today sitting in front of my computer playing MUME. Literally, wasted away a whole entire precious hard-earned Sunday playing a text-based role playing game. I levelled three times... And do you want to know what's really sick?

They have this list of users online, you type "who" and it barfs it up in order of who's been on the least, down to the longest... And can you guess who was at the very bottom of that very long list? Yeah, ME... Ten hours, baby. Yikes!

I think I'm gonna jog in place until bedtime.